Gold has been a popular investment choice for centuries, and for good reason. This safe haven asset can provide a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. That’s why it’s important to know the Gold price in Bangladesh today before investing your money in gold.

In Bangladesh, gold and silver are not only valuable commodities but also important cultural symbols. Tracking the current silver and gold prices in Bangladesh is important for anyone looking to invest in these precious metals.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today May 2024

Gold price in Bangladesh
ProductDescriptionPrice (Taka)
22 Karat GoldCadmium (Hallmarked Gold)8,970 Taka /gram
21 Karat GoldCadmium (Hallmarked Gold)8,565 Taka /gram
18 Karat GoldCadmium (Hallmarked Gold)7,340 Taka /gram
Traditional GoldCadmium (Hallmarked)6,115 Taka /gram

Last Update: May 2024

As of today, the current gold price in Bangladesh today per vori is 8,970 Taka per gram for 22 Karats Gold, 8,565 Taka per gram for 21 Karat, and 7,340 Taka per gram for 18 Karat Gold.

Note that, these prices are subject to change. Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS) is sets the price for gold and silver in Bangladesh considering several factors such as global market conditions, currency exchange rates, demand and supply, and local taxes and duties.

Gold Price in Bangladesh – Rates for 18K, 21K 22K

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